Tuotenro: SD-2008

tuotteita vähän varastossa. toimitusaika 2-3pv.


SD-2008 Ikkunapuhelin

  • MIC:-51db±2db 20 Hz-16KHz
  • MIC's length: 360mm.  
  • The SD-2008 consists of black master station and metal substation; 
  • Fully automatic one-to-one bidirectional intercommunication; no key-pressing is needed; external speaker is inbuilt in the substation; 
  • Microcomputer process circuit, integrated with noise reduction function, echo and howling are eliminated; 
  • Unique and fine appearance, small volume and advanced film switch control ensure the convenience, practicability and top grade; 
  • Use high performance conference microphone embedded in the master station, providing vivid, clear and loud sound; 
  • Simple installation, only one cable in and out of the system; 
  • Can works with LBW series master stations to real-time monitor each window’s conversation in background (by supervisors), voice is lifelike and clear. 
  • Can work with LBW series master stations to talk with master stations. Used by supervisor to provide assistance to window service representatives. Supervisor talk-in conversation can not be heard by window sub stations. 
  • Recording port is provided to output dual channel audio signals (matched with ATM, monitor device and voice card  to record audio); 
  • Used in any places where conversations need to be assisted.
Parameters Values
Output/s Power: 1.5W+1.2W 100Hz-15KHz
Current (Ω) Max. 200mA
Power supply DC12V
Dimensions (mm) Master station: 118x127x38; Substation: 64x18
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