Farfisa PL11G GSM-ovipuhelin pintakotelolla

Tuotenro: PL11G

tuotteita vähän varastossa. toimitusaika 2-3pv.

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Farfisa PL11G GSM-ovipuhelin

1 painike, 3 soittonumeroa, releen ohjaus, PL91 pintakolelo sisältyy

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GSM panel with 1 push button. PROFILO aesthetic, with aluminium front plate. Equipped with a SIM card, it allows to send a call using the GSM network. The PL24S and PL228S push buttons modules can be used to extend the panel. The product can manage up to 50 push buttons. Up to 3 different telephone numbers can be associated to each push button. The second and the third number will be called only if, respectively, the first, or the first and the second, didn't answer the call. The panel features 2 output relays, that can be activated independently, and 2 inputs, that can be exploited as alarms or for different applications. The CLIP function allows to activate a relay by making a call to the panel, in case the calling number has been previously registered in a proper list in the SIM card. The product can be programmed by connecting it to a WINDOWS PC and using the free software that can be downloaded from the website, or by sending one or more SMS text messages from a mobile phone, or by putting the SIM card in your mobile and directly editing the address book.


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