Mi-10 Termostaatti 12V DC/AC 20A

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Mi-10 digitaalinen termostaatti 12V DC/AC 20A


Digital 12V thermostat

Our temperature controller Mi-10 incl. mounting frame is e.g. suitable for space-saving installation in switchboards, control cabinets, existing circuits, or a surface-mounted box (optionally available). The controller has a digital temperature display and measured value adjustment function. The accuracy of the temperature control (hysteresis) is adjustable between 0.1 - 20.0C. The controller has a maximum switching capacity of 20A (maximum load 4500W). The operating mode "heating" or "cooling" can be set via the menu.


  • Universal controller for temperature control in heating systems:
  • Electric radiators, stoves
  • Heating pipes, icing systems
  • Incubators, terrariums, aquariums
  • Boilers, radiators, etc.
  • Central heating pump and water heaters
  • And cooling:
  • refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated counters
  • fans, coolers
  • Auto gensets(version for 12V)
  • MIN/MAX temperature alarm (sound signal)
  • Memory settings after power failure

Technical data
Mounting: flush-mounted, hole size 71x29mm
Version: cable-connected
Operating voltage: 12V AC/DC
Max. switching capacity: 20A / 240 Watt
Control mode: two-point control ON-OFF
Operating temperature: 5-45°C
Sensor: External
Temperature control range(Internal): -
Temperature control range (external): -50 - +150°C (floor sensor)
Frost protection: Yes
Floor limitation range: -50 - +150°C
Display/illumination: Yes/Yes
IP protection class: IP65
Dimensions(WxHxD): 76x35x77mm

Scope of delivery
1x Mi-10 thermostat
1x floor sensor 5kOhm (cable length 2m)
1x German operating instructions



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