Mekaaninen lattialämmitystermostaatti

Tuotenro: MST1

MST1 mekaaninen lattialämmitystermostaatti


Rotary control thermostat

The MST1 thermostat enables efficient heating control through demand-responsive control. The remote floor sensor allows perfect control of electric underfloor heating, trace heating, wall heating, etc.
The control range is +5°C to +40°C, an economy switch allows manual night setback.


  • Min./max. temperature limitation
  • Stepless temperature preselection
  • LED switch-on display (heating mode)
  • External NTC temperature sensor (3 m connection cable)

Technical data
Mounting type: flush-mounted
Design: cable-connected
Operating voltage: 230 volts
Max. Switching capacity: 16A / 3680 Watt
Control type: Two-point control ON-OFF
Operating temperature: -5°C - +50°C
Sensor: External
Temperature control range(Internal): -
Temperature control range (external): 5-40°C (floor sensor)
Frost protection: Yes
Floor limitation range: 5-40°C
IP protection class: IP20
Display/Lighting: -
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 80x80x38mm

Scope of delivery
1x thermostat MST1
1x floor sensor
1x mounting accessories
1x German operating instructions


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Lämmityskalvo 50CM 12VDC 1-3M. Alk.35Eur/m Lämmityskalvo 50CM 12VDC 1-3M. Alk.35Eur/m
Lämmityskalvo 12VDC 30CM 1-4,5M. Alk.23Eur/m Lämmityskalvo 12VDC 30CM 1-4,5M. Alk.23Eur/m
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