SATEL GPRS tiedonsiirtomoduli

Tuotenro: GSM-4

tuotteita vähän varastossa. toimitusaika 2-3pv.

299,00 €
Säästät 87 %

SATEL GSM-4 GSM/ GPRS tiedonsiirtomoduli

  • transmission of signals from a telephone dialer via GSM network
  • conversion of PAGER messages to SMS
  • remote module configuration via GPRS
  • remote programming of control panels via GPRS - "remote RS-232 port" function
  • remote update of module firmware
  • telephone line supervision and automatic switch-over to GSM at fault
  • telephone reporting conversion to SMS, GPRS and CSD formats
  • 4 module inputs with ability to start voice / SMS messaging and to trigger event transmission when reporting
  • 3 outputs with remote control capability


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