Optinen savuilmaisin

Tuotenro: FD8030

Varastossa. toimitusaika 2-3pv.


UniPos FD8030 optinen savuilmaisin

Toimitusaika 1/2023

Paloilmaisin täyttää eurooppalaisten standardien EN54-7 vaatimukset.

Technical data
Supply voltage: (10-30)VDC
Duty mode current: 120 μA
Fire condition current
– with base type 8000 or 8000D: (8-25) mA
– with base type 8000R, 8000DR: (18-55) mA
Terminals: For wires with cross section (0.8-2.5)mm2
Degree of protection: IP 43
Operation temperature: Minus 10oC to 55oC
Relative humidity: (93±3) % at 40oC
Sensitivity: In accordance with EN54-7
Mounting: Using bases of series 8000
Dimensions (base included): Ø100, h 47 mm
Casing material: ABS plastics, white
Weight (base included): 0.100 kg
Protected area: Circle with diameter 15m, h 11m


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