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SATEL INT-GSM tiedonsiirtoyksikkö

SATEL INT-GSM GPRS tiedonsiirtomoduli INTEGRA ja INTEGRA Plus -keskuksiin

GPRS communication module for
INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels
The device can report events via GPRS (TCP/UDP) or SMS messages. It can also use SMS messages, CLIP service or PUSH notifications to transmit information about events to the persons concerned. Where
INT-GSM is used in conjunction with the INTEGRA Plus control panel, the e-mail messaging option is also possible. The content of all messages, regardless of how they are transmitted, is based directly on the event list and is generated automatically.

SATEL INT-GSM tiedonsiirtoyksikkö
SATEL INT-GSM tiedonsiirtoyksikkö
 SATEL INT-GSM tiedonsiirtoyksikkö

Hinta: 143.00€
Valm. koodi: INT-GSM
Tuotekoodi: INT-GSM


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